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Some people are stressed about losing weight and some are stressed about gaining weight. We all want to get back into our favorite shape when we used to wear anything without fearing about our size or waist, we all want to fit in back in our old pair of jeans. But how is this possible? I am here to not let you starve yourself or eat less to look slim. But to tell you about why health and fitness is important.

We all are sick and tired of following our diet routine to lose weight and look fit. We all want a perfect body by eating anything of our choice. We all want to have our dream body without stressing about eating anything. Let’s not waste time anymore and dive into this blog to know more about health and fitness.


You must be wondering how are health and fitness related? So let me make it easier for you to understand this by a real short story of my life.

I never believed in this famous quote “Health Is Wealth” before, but when I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in 2021, I realized the importance of health. I’ve realized that you never realize the importance of something until and unless you lose it. The day I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, my whole life was changed and it’s been a year since I am undergoing treatment for tuberculosis.

I have always taken my health for granted before, but I believe that sometimes the things that happen in our life made us realize how important is to take care of it before it goes away. Sometimes I feel if I have taken care of my health, maybe I have recovered sooner or maybe I had less suffered. But it’s okay it is a part of life. You need to learn from what you go through. It helps you realize your mistake and help you in growing and learning. During the whole process of this journey, I feel I am becoming a new person, if this didn’t happen to me, I haven’t become this whole new person and I believe that when I will fully be recovered from this disease, I will be a different person but in a positive way.

Health and fitness are a part of each other, they can’t go anywhere without each other. If you are not healthy, you can’t be fit too. Health and fitness are not just about how we physically improve ourselves, it is all about improving our inner self. If your inner self is not healthy and fit, then your outer body can’t help you in the long run.

Let me make it simple for you, if you build a house and you use cheap material for the interior and luxurious material for the exterior, how could you expect that the interior would stay longer than the exterior one. The same goes for us. If you don’t care about your inner self, and only care about improving your physical fitness, how could you expect to stay fit when something bad happens to you.


Healthy eating doesn’t mean shifting to an expensive diet. You just need to take care of your diet and it can be done by eating home food only.


Do not say no to any fruit even if you don’t like it. Even if you don’t like its taste or smell. Just remove the word NO from your word dictionary, if you genuinely care about your health and you know what? There are so many benefits of eating fruits. Some fruits help us in losing weight and some help in gaining weight and fruits helps our body to have vitamins, minerals, and fibers from it. You can add nuts to your diet plan too. Every fruit or nut you will eat is going to help your body organs.


I know it’s hard to do when you crave only sweets. But there are so many products that are sweet without any sugar in them. It sounds magical? Right. You just can’t decide suddenly that you want to quit sugar, but you can take baby steps to do that and opt for sugar-free products and there are many sugar-free products available online.


There is no better and more tasty food than your home food and I bet you that you can’t disagree with me on this. No one can eat junk food daily and our body will not also allow us to eat junk daily and its natural way of making us realize is by making us sick. Home food is simple food that contains lots of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.


Our body is a religious place, if you can’t respect it, it won’t respect you either. Stop doing life-threatening and harmful things. And if you find it difficult to remove those habits from your life, you can consult a doctor for it. Don’t let your body suffer because if you make your body suffer, it will take revenge and you can’t take it.


Removing junk food out of your life is the most difficult thing to do. I don’t know about you but it is difficult for me. It is normal to think that you can’t set a goal and complete it immediately, it takes time but if you want to do it, you will achieve it. Take baby steps and try quitting junk food and oily food out of your life because it is harmful to your liver and health.


You just can’t stay on a healthy diet to feel healthy and fit. You need to do some exercise too. These are simple exercises that you can perform without any tools. You don’t even need to learn them or hire a trainer for it. You can easily do it in nearby your parks and streets and if you want to learn some more simple exercises, you can find them on YouTube.

1. Do some jogging.

2. Do some walking.

3. Do those exercise that helps your body to stretch.

4. Do some easy breathing exercises.

5. Do some easy yoga exercise and skipping.

As we have always heard that “It’s Never Too Late To Start”. If you want to do something, you can achieve it. You just need to find the way and set your goal. And if you will not take precautions and take care of your health, then who will? Stop waiting for the day when something mishappening will happen to your health, start working on it from today onwards.


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