A company that specializes in education, SkillCircle has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the field of digital skill evolution with a major focus on financial independence and self-employment for everyone. SkillCircle, headquartered at Connaught Place, Delhi, India, has experienced significant
development and expansion since its beginning in 2014. Later, the organization experienced exponential development in terms of impacting the lives of 15,000+ students who joined SkillCircle with similar goals and visions. In addition, we broadened our horizons by offering online and offlineclasses abroad, as well as in 23 locations within India.


Our Founder

Mr. Shivam Ahuja

SkillCircle was established by Shivam Ahuja, a visionary and achiever from a modest background in Delhi. While working effectively in a 9-5 job, his talents to analyze critically and create innovative solutions to real-world issues discovered his calling. As a risk-taker, he chose to quit his work and pursue his great dreams. Shivam began his entrepreneurial career in September 2014 from a Garage office in Delhi, and there has been no looking back since. However, it was his sharp and detailed observation of India persisting massive talent gap that inspired the creation of SkillCircle.

Today, SkillCircle is climbing the ladder of success and achieving new heights with each passing day
under his supervision and guidance. With SkillCircle’s success stories of transforming many lives,
Shivam has carved a niche for himself in the New Age Skill Development industry.

Why SkillCircle

SkillCircle empowers learners to think beyond regular career choices. We help our learners to learn skills that make them financial free and helps them to become self-employed or start a new venture.

SkillCircle impacted 14,500+ of learners across India and helped them in chasing their life mission of being Financial Independent.

Started by Mr. Shivam Ahuja, who is known as a Startup machine in India and helped 100s of startups in chasing their dreams.

What Makes us Different from Others?

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