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I want to guide you through a little secret that nobody tells

Do you know how much change content brings to a growing business?

Building a relationship with your audience is easier when you create content. Through your content, you can answer customers’ questions and interact with them directly. The more value you create without expecting anything in return, the more likely your audience will trust your suggestions and advice.


When was the last time when you were at your lowest, and you were still working? Honestly, it happens with all of us because it is normal to feel demotivated sometimes. But never let that demotivation make you suffer because that is not the right thing to do.

Demotivation is just a phase of life and accept it the way it is, and get over it as soon as you can do. And I can relate with you that it is easier for others to tell you that everything will get alright, but honestly, it takes a lot of strength and courage to be out of it.

Let me tell you a real-life story that has changed my life and my perspective towards my own life. You know whenever, I don’t feel motivated I always look around myself to get a little bit of motivation. One day while doing this, I saw that I have a new neighbour who is a blind woman, and that has boosted my mood, and all my negative thoughts went away.

At that moment I realized that she is so happy even when she can’t see and my body is all fine, and still I feel demotivated sometimes. It made me realize that when that woman has found her happiness in her world by forgetting about her disability. Why can’t I?

My only motive behind telling you this real-life incident is that when you don’t feel good or motivated, just take a look around yourself and you will realize that your problems are not even a problem. The things you are worried about are not even worth it, and you will understand how to stay motivated despite obstacles.


Honestly, there is nothing like a demotivation thing. It is all in our heads that make us feel bad about ourselves or our situation in life. If you work on your mind, you can win in your life.

This is a 3 steps rule that will change your life if you use it whenever you feel demotivated.


 Hope is that little spark of joy and happiness that changes darkness into positivity. You know what if you believe in hope or believe in the idea of hope that there is hope in everything you do. There is a new perspective.

Believe it or not, there is always a spark of hope. There are so many people out there, who live because they believe in the process and the idea of hope that one day everything will get changed and it will be the way they want it to be.

Hope is not just a word, it is a dream. A dream that makes you feel that there is a chance for it to become a reality.

I never think that I can’t do this or that. I always believe in the idea of hope and my intuition. I always believe that if I want something or if I have a 1% feeling of doing something, then I can do it and achieve it by just hoping to trust the idea and process of it.

A little hope can do wonders in your life. You just need to find your way and trust the process of believing in hope, and everything else will get sorted on its own because there is a power in the universe that stays inside you. You are the power. Just have the courage to find it inside you, and everything else will come naturally to you.


Have you ever heard about this quote ‘ YOUR MIND IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY’ If you haven’t, then you are reading it right now

I wish I can directly ask you about this, What comes to your mind when you hear about this quote.

If you would be at my place and asked me the same question I would reply like this when I hear about this quote. I feel that it is so true that sometimes our mind is our enemy because it makes us feel so many emotions at once that are not even real sometimes. It can make us love someone or hate sometimes. It is all in our mind that makes us react the way our mind wants to react.

It is always our choice to control the way we think, and the best way is to distract ourselves in the right way. Find your distraction and make a way towards it.

Every time you feel like your mind is controlling you, be on the front foot, take the power in your hand and distract yourself, and control your mind because every distraction is not wrong.

 Distract yourself towards good things, which you love to do, and make you a better version of yourself.

Writing is my path. It is the best distraction I have found in my life, and it makes me a better person and helps my mind to grow in the right direction. You just have to find the positive distraction that helps you to be your better version and person.


The better way to control your emotions is by knowing yourself in depth. There are so many people out there who don’t even know themselves. They just know their outer version but not their inner version. It takes a lot to understand your true self, and you can only do it by being yourself and accepting yourself properly.

If you look at your thoughts properly and think about it you will see that you are someone else, and so many people out there don’t even realize this fact about themselves and self-criticize them and never be satisfied with every decision they make.

Ask yourself right now, Are you the same person you think you are or you are just going the way which is much easier to see and think? If you get the answer, try to accept it, and if you don’t then try to find it within yourself.

If you accept the way you think, you will accept the way your real thoughts are.

Your thoughts, your needs are only clearly understood by you. If you will ignore it, no one else will ever try to understand it.

Hope, distractions, and thoughts are the best way to find your motivation within yourself. Sometimes it is difficult for us to realize and sometimes we catch it so easily. Stop looking around you and start looking inside you. The darkness will turn into shine which was hidden behind the mind. There will be a lot of obstacles in the way, it will be always your choice to fix them or skip them.


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