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I want to guide you through a little secret that nobody tells

Do you know how much change content brings to a growing business?

Building a relationship with your audience is easier when you create content. Through your content, you can answer customers’ questions and interact with them directly. The more value you create without expecting anything in return, the more likely your audience will trust your suggestions and advice.


When I was a teenager, I started writing because I had no one to talk to, I started writing down how I feel and when I become an adult, I realized this is something I want myself to invest in and I started loving doing this.

And one day I realized that this is my passion and I want to grow it more by being invested in it.  There is no rush to start, but don’t start it when it’s too late. It’s been a long journey on how I started my blog, but don’t worry I will keep you entertained while sharing it. Don’t wait and jump directly into this blog.


I didn’t even know about blogging when I started writing and how it is done. I was very unaware of the writing techniques. For me, writing was only limited to writing what I feel that’s it. It might sound funny but I was very much unaware.

And without even knowing about it properly and researching, I applied for an internship in 2020 and I have to write an article on Corona-Virus. I didn’t even edit it and sent it directly to the company. The response I got from them was that my grammar is very poor.

Sometimes honesty hurts but it is far better than lies. Then I applied for the second internship immediately and they didn’t even reply to me after receiving my article.

Then I decided that I want to join a course on content writing and learn everything about it, but sometimes things didn’t happen as you plan because something way bigger is planned for you.

Corona was declared a pandemic and lockdown was declared everywhere, so I decided that I will join the course when it gets over. I waited for the whole year in the hope that the pandemic will get over soon.

In 2021, I watched some YouTube videos and read some important articles on google, and decided to join an online course from Udemy. I learned the basics and went further and I was aware of a lot of things now and I wanted to try everything I have learned online.

I will suggest to you that it is not necessary to learn from paid courses. There are a lot of unpaid resources available on YouTube and Google don’t waste your time and start learning and start using it in your daily routine.     

2.  MISTAKES I HAVE DONE          

It is okay to make mistakes and it is much better when you share those mistakes so that anyone who is starting in your field will not waste their time as I did.

My drawback was that I didn’t go through much learning about writing and I haven’t researched properly, and because of it, I have wasted a lot of time.

These are the Mistakes I have Done:-

1- I had zero knowledge about blogging.

2- I didn’t know what is plagiarism and plagiarized content.

3- I didn’t know about Grammarly.

4- I didn’t know about Canva.

5- I didn’t know about content writing or content creation.

6- I didn’t know about social media links.

7- I didn’t know about SEO and Its importance.


The most important thing you should always do before jumping into any field is to research everything about that field.

Researching saves a lot of time and you should make this your habit. Learning and researching are the two most important habits you should adopt because it helps a lot. It helps you by making you aware of its consequences and advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to learn from unpaid resources then you can research on YouTube and google. You will find many blogs, articles, and videos about your field.

If you want to invest in paid resources. You can find them on Udemy because I have used them and it is cheaper and it provides good knowledge which is necessary and important.

It doesn’t matter if you learn for free or by paying. The only thing you should invest in is in the right direction by learning a lot and researching a lot.

Create your accounts on multiple platforms because you have to build traffic to your blogs. The best platforms I have created my account on are:-

1- Facebook

2- Instagram

3- LinkedIn

4- Twitter

5- Pinterest

Never start posting directly on any website you’re using, instead of start writing daily and improve your speed, grammar, and way of writing. Honestly, In my opinion, grammar is not that important, but there is no wrong in correcting it.

Have basic knowledge about grammar and other niches because it will help you while writing and it will open multiple doors for you.


I have used WordPress for my blogs. I have never used any other websites and there is no other reason for that. It was just that I used WordPress and it was so good that I didn’t feel the need to go somewhere else.

The websites I will be sharing here are those I have heard about a lot. I have never used it but I have seen many other people around me using it.





I don’t know if these websites are free to use, but WordPress is free to use also, and I have used its free version. I am not promoting any website here. I am only sharing my opinion on websites I have used and I haven’t used.


Building your network plays a huge role because no one knows about your blogs if you are not sharing them out in the world. I know you must be wondering why I am not giving importance to SEO when we all know that it is the boss in every team. I know SEO is important, but google can’t do everything for you.

I will be talking about SEO and its importance further, but right now I am only focusing on networking. Networking is important because it helps in the 40% of traffic your blogs can have, either you don’t use SEO or you use it.

Building a network is important because sometimes you get work from references and referrals. Everyone is on social media, so use it as much as you can use it for your work.

8 things I do to build my network are:-

1- networking always help.

2- share your work online.

3- post stories on the social network.

4- Create a post for social networks and their platforms.

5- Add links to your websites.

6- I Posted my work consistently and you can choose your consistency as per your time. There is no force or right way. Do what you feel is right for your work.

7- Using appropriate hashtags.

8- Adding people of your niche to your network.


I am being honest while sharing about my journey on how I started my blogs. It is all truth that I am writing. What mistakes I have done and what I have learned and adapted. Everything I have written about in this will help you if you want to start your blog. Honestly, I have never read any of this kind of blog which I am writing where the writer has told all the secrets they have used about their journey.

I just want to make the path easy and clear for anyone who is about to write their first blog, and the best part is that it is free knowledge that I am providing to you. You just have to give your time and mind to it.

I didn’t even remember how I came across WordPress and I was learning while I came across WordPress. I never thought about blogging, but I just posted my first short poem on WordPress free website and share it with my friends, and asked them to share their reviews in the comments section.

They posted an appreciation post in my comments and I was very happy with that. While I was learning about Content writing, I got to know about a lot of techniques.

I started posting short poetry, a poem I have written when I was a teenager and that’s what I was doing. I never edited it, checked its grammar, or if it is plagiarized or not. I never did that and I had no confidence while doing all of this I was doing this secretly and told to my 2-3 friends only because they were close to me.

When the course I was learning from Udemy was completed, my eyes were opened and now I wanted to do the right thing. I deleted all my poems and poetries.

1- I learned the basics of SEO.

2- I started editing my content on Grammarly before posting online.

3- I started checking plagiarism tools.

4- I started designing my post using Canva.

5- I started posting links to my website on my social media.

6- writing more than 900words.

I was also applying for internships and luckily one of my samples got selected and I cleared my interview, but things didn’t work as I thought.

I started posting my samples which I have written for the internships I have applied for. I was doing this consistently for a month and I realized a huge difference. People started commenting on my blogs whom I don’t know and that has built my confidence and now I proudly share my website with everyone.

Before it was very difficult for me to write 300words because I don’t have much idea and content and now it is very difficult for me to write 300 words because now I have a lot to say that takes more than 1500 words.

Practice is very important. If I haven’t practiced whatever I have learned, I would not be here. Before I used to take a full day to write 300 words, but now things are so different and I never imagined it.

Everything changed because I pushed myself to learn, research and practice. These three words can change your life if you add them to your routine.

Four months ago, I was using a free domain but now I have purchased my first own domain because it gives access to many new features.

If you love writing, then you should start your blog. Things will take time, but it will happen the way you want. When I read my old poems, poetry, or article, I laugh at myself because I have knowledge now and I criticize the work I did before, and I truly believe that you will do the same if you start working for what you want.

If you also love writing as much as I do, then blogging is the best thing you can do for yourself. It not only helps you in your professionalism but it helps you in your personal life also.

I never started blogging for the sake of money or I will get work because of it. It was never like that. It was only the love I have for writing push me towards it. You can learn anything online without worrying about money. There is a good amount of knowledge which is free of cost. The only thing you have to invest is your time. If you can do it, then you can do it.

Nothing is tough to do if you desire to do it. You can reach there if you work now a little bit harder.

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