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I want to guide you through a little secret that nobody tells

Do you know how much change content brings to a growing business?

Building a relationship with your audience is easier when you create content. Through your content, you can answer customers’ questions and interact with them directly. The more value you create without expecting anything in return, the more likely your audience will trust your suggestions and advice.


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“There is no right age to start, and when you start that becomes the right age.”

When I started freelancing , I didn’t know anything about it. I don’t even know that freelancing exists. There are many career options for freelancing. You can choose whatever interests you the most. I was interested in writing, and then I started learning and researching, and that’s how I got to know about the magic of the freelance world.

I have chosen freelancing over internships which were very popular around me because most of the graduates do internships while graduating.

Most people wish to be a freelancer, but it is not easy as it seems online. Freelancing is a slow process that will take a lot of hard work and time.

Freelancing allows you to be your boss and earn as much as you want to, and you can work in different sectors without having a degree. But do you think life is that easy?

I guess life isn’t that easy. Are you ready to know if freelancing is made for you or not? Let’s not waste time and dive into the blog.


Freelancing means being your boss and looking out for work of your own choice. Freelancing allows you to work under many companies, and brands at once. The best part of freelancing is that you can start working right from your home using your laptop or computer and a good internet connection.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of freelancing

When life gives you a lemon you either make lemonade or wait until it gets rotten. Freelancing has Pros and Cons because nothing is as perfect as it seems online. Right!

1- Advantages of freelancing

  • You are your boss, and this is the most common reason that most people choose freelancing over their corporate jobs. Being your boss is the most powerful thing because who doesn’t like to rule their own lives as they want to.

  • You can work from anywhere.

  • You can select the projects which you love.

  • You don’t have to share your money.

  • You can choose the right time whenever you want to do the work. 

2. Disadvantages of freelancing

  • Being our boss excites us the most but it is the most stressful position because we have to look for the client and their work. We have to look out for their requirements and have to work until it gets fulfilled.

  • Stressing over dry months because it is not written anywhere that you will get work every month. Some days can be dry when you will have no work.

  • Stressing over workload because you will have no one to complete it. As a freelancer, everyone wants to secure their future and doesn’t want dry months, and because of this, freelancers take lots of work that gives them stress, and they need to hire someone else to get it done which leads to sharing half of their money with other writers.

  • Overworking because of the strict deadlines of the client. Somedays you have to work till midnight to meet client deadlines, and it can be stressful.


Dreaming of becoming a freelance writer is easy but being a freelance writer is difficult because you will be looking out for your clients by yourself, and this process requires a lot of time. There are so many freelancers out there, and everyone gives tough competition, and it might be possible that they are great at their job, and because of that, there is high competition around you. If you want to give high competition to your competitors, then you have to be good at your job, and that requires a lot of hard work, and you have to build up your own identity.

Don’t compare yourself to others, and Don’t copy them. Create your USP. Finding clients is not easy as it seems to be. You will meet good and bad clients in this process. Don’t trust anyone too much and Don’t rely on one client either. Charging in advance is the best option because many new freelancers get fooled, and doesn’t get paid. To avoid this kind of situation, Charge in advance or take 50% advance from your clients. Even if you are working for a small amount or a short project, Don’t forget to have your advance before starting working.

  1. Start Pitching to your clients.

Pitching means texting a personalized message or sending an e-mail to your specific client. The message will include your USP and how you can help them, and what are your services.

Sometimes your client directly pitches to you, and it mostly happens when you have published your work online.


There are many freelancing groups on Facebook. You can join them and start pitching to your client in that group. If you will always going to copy-paste your pitches and send them to everyone. That will not help you in any way. If you want to be good at your job, then start taking your work seriously and send a personalized proposal to each targeted client. Freelancing is your own business which you have to start from the seed. You can also create your Facebook page for building your online portfolio for your clients, and It should be easily accessible to all your clients.


Instagram is the best platform to get leads because everyone uses Instagram to promote their brand because they also use Instagram to reach their target audience. You can create your public account and start working related to your target clients. Don’t publish work that will only help limited people. Be boundless when it comes to finding your leads and clients, and Don’t forget to maintain your profile timely.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform, and so many big brands hire employees daily from LinkedIn. There are a lot of freelancing opportunities on LinkedIn, that you can have if you know how to stand apart from the crowd. In short, your pitching should be different and personalized for your target client. You can build a network with other freelancers so that they can give a referral about you when they have a lot of work to do.


When I started freelancing, I heard about many freelancing sites where you can get work and Upwork was one of them. If you are a freelancer, then you must have heard about Upwork because it is so overhyped. I have also used Upwork just like every beginner does, but it didn’t work for me and my experience with Upwork was not good, Here I am sharing my opinion with you. I have seen many people who get work on these freelancing sites and they share good views on them. I know there is a lot of work on Upwork but it is so overhyped because people are dying to get the attention of the clients over there. People are working at a lower price which is wrong because they are selling their skills for a low price.

If you are a beginner, you should start as a part-time freelancer, then you can shift to a full-time. Even if you’re a beginner, never work below rupees in Indian currency because that is not what you deserve. Don’t work in cheaper amounts even if the clients say they will give you a lot of work or they will work with you in the future too. I have seen people who work for a lower price, they might have lots of work But they are wasting their skills for a lower cost because everyone is trying to be better at their job and everyone is trying their best, and no one should deserve this. Don’t embarrass yourself, And don’t let your skills, hard work, and talent get exploited by others.

Everyone tries their best at their job, and it is not okay if you let others exploit you. Freelancers are hardworking people, and their job should also be respected equally as any other job.

Freelancing is a long journey, and it depends on us how we make our journey. Some people quit freelancing because of the fake idea they build in their minds because of some online videos. They dream that they will earn money instantly. But this doesn’t happen, and they quit. Everyone has their journey and struggles. We should learn from others’ mistakes and try to avoid them, and build our own different identities. As a freelancer, these are my opinions because what’s wrong with sharing your experiences, maybe it may help you. I have shared things that have worked for me. It is not important that what might have helped others would help you too. We all are here to learn. If something doesn’t help you, leave it over there and start looking for another option before concluding. No one reaches the sky if they don’t stay on the land. In short, stop building fake scenarios and work hard for your dream.


  1. Not because you are my friend. Leaving a honest comment. You are doing really well. I had no idea about freelancing but now i can say that i have some info about freelancing. Keep going dolly.

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