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I want to guide you through a little secret that nobody tells

Do you know how much change content brings to a growing business?

Building a relationship with your audience is easier when you create content. Through your content, you can answer customers’ questions and interact with them directly. The more value you create without expecting anything in return, the more likely your audience will trust your suggestions and advice.

Hey, you! 


Thanks for coming here. I know you are here because you wanted to know me. But the thing is I want to know you too. So before leaving from here, do tell me about yourself in the comment section. I am waiting.

If you don’t like reading long paragraphs, then my friend, you have to start reading them because I write a lot, and right now, you must be wondering why I should read your blogs, but I have a deal for you what if I will share good stuff with you and that is for free of cost. This sounds like an amazing deal. Right?


If that sounds amazing, then you must go on reading! And if it doesn’t then you are missing good stuff in life. The choice is all yours!


My name is Dolly Mehta, and I am from Delhi, India. I am a freelance content writer, and this is out of the blue, but if you want to work with me, you can contact me on my social media handles written on the home page of my website.

I love writing since childhood. But I always did it secretly. Even my parents didn’t know that I love writing since childhood. So now you can understand how secretly I used to do this. I have always been an introvert since I was a kid.

I always lacked confidence, and to be honest, I still lack confidence, but as each day passes by it feels less than yesterday. If you are an introvert like me, you can relate to this.

How it started?

In 2021, One day I felt like sharing it, I spoke to my mother about how much I love writing, and I read my own poem to my mother. And you people know that you will never get an honest review from people you know, so that wasn’t enough for me because I wanted a stranger to give me an honest review. That’s why I wanted to post it somewhere people will give honest feedback.

This is my first blogging website. Before this website, I didn’t even know about blogging, and I had never read about any blogs before. I came to know about it when I learned about content writing. And that’s when I realized I want to have my blogging website.

I created my account on WordPress and started posting. If I read my old blog posts which are archived now, I laugh because it has so many errors, and it is so boring and maybe you guys still find my blogs boring. Lol!

It takes a lot to overcome what you were always lacking all your life. For me, it was my confidence. I never had it before I started blogging. But now it feels good because now I am learning how to overcome it.

You are always one step closer to achieving your dreams. You just need to take that one step that you are leaving behind. If I can do it, you can do it too my friend.

Stop waiting for the right time because the right time is when you take that one right step.

And the confidence that I have now is only because of you people. Every day I get new comments where people are telling me how much they liked my content and how it inspires them to follow their dreams. It just makes me so happy and makes me confident enough to post another new blog. There are some days when you judge yourself but don’t forget that “the sun even rises when the dark arises”.

Stop judging yourself and work towards what you love doing.

And If you came here, I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. I hope that you must have learned something from here and I didn’t bored you.

Don’t forget to visit my website for more new blogs or contact me for work-related services and comment below about what makes you the happiest.

Till then take care my friend <3 


Dolly Mehta